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Get Savvy

Chad AulerChad AulerSAVVY is the super-premium vodka that is handcrafted at our micro-distillery in Austin, Texas. SAVVY combines the best, cutting-edge technology with the best of old-world craftsmanship to produce vodka that is of the highest quality. It says Handcrafted on the bottle because SAVVY truly is handcrafted—we make only 400 gallons at a time. SAVVY is distilled at least 20 times in our state-of-the-art, 20-ft. column still. This technology yields a much cleaner, smoother and better finished product than that of a traditional pot still and at a fraction of the energy use. We use the finest water in Texas to produce SAVVY, and SAVVY is filtered 5 times through charcoal. This dedication to quality results in a vodka that is unbelievably smooth.

One word I think of every time I enjoy SAVVY ... smooth!— J.R.

SAVVY was founded by Chad Auler, a lifelong resident of Austin and sixth generation Texan.  Mr. Auler has been active in the alcoholic beverage industry for 15 years through his affiliation with Texas wine producer, Fall Creek Vineyards, and Perfect 10 Wines from California.

The Source

the source video thumbnail The SAVVY Source Video

The silky smooth water from beneath Fall Creek Ranch is used in the production of SAVVY, and it helps distinguish SAVVY from other vodka. Outstanding water is paramount in the production of super-premium vodka, and the water used in SAVVY is truly the finest in Texas.

Mix It Up

See the favorite drink recipes of our SAVVY mixologist.

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SAVVY n sake

Love your SAVVY Vodka. I blind-tasted it a month or so ago with friends of mine, and they preferred it to Belvedere! Pretty big statement.— M.H.

Distilled and Bottled in Austin, Texas

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